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Follow the instructions on the GitHub Page for setup and installation.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Hypersign is a simple-to-use authentication solution which is transparent and stores user data in a manner that is only accessible to the owner.

It is extremely important for companies to offer a smooth experience to their users so that the there is a level of comfort and usability. Hypersign helps companies to improve their user experience which drastically aids them to increase users.

Based on Public Key Cryptography, Hypersign enables companies to rapidly deploy password-less authentication and provide friction-less UX to their users. The solution can be checked by anyone at any time making it suitable for dAPPS.

How it works



Secure your workforce no matter where they are. Hypersign creates a secure identity on the employee’s mobile phone, which is accessible only to the owner using hardware based biometrics or facial recognition. Additionally, by replacing the username and password with Public Key Cryptography, to avoid most of today’s attacks.*


Ease of use is key to a productive workforce. Empower your teams to carry out the same tasks as if they were in the office.  Email and document signing, encryption from anywhere. Plus, our passwordless solution removes friction for all workers with true SSO access that works across all devices (not just PCs) and with all apps, Centralized and De-Centralized


Reduce Technical Debt and Total Cost of Ownership. With a host of tightly integrated features such as SingleSignOn, coupled with Strong Authentication coupled with our unique Passwordless Access, One-step secure Transactions, Workflow Management, Biometric support and a Mobile Walletand plus lot more in one solution, so you dont need to go anywhere else.


Open & verifiable trust. Hypersign’s trustless mode utlizes a Smart Contract deployed over a decentralized network allowing for open verification of the authentication process, totally eliminating the need for trust with ZERO transaction fees.


No More Strangers.
With Hypersigns’ Proprietary Endorsement Score, you get direct insight about who you are working with. Wether they are your customer or a potential employee, get access to pre-verified user data on demand.


Eliminate risk and compliance costs of hosting, managing and maintaining sensitive customer records. Since users control their own information, the enterprise no longer holds the burden of hosting and securing the data.

*Source: Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found that 80% of hacking-related data breaches are due to password credentials.  Get Report

Use Cases

Online Media

Consumers sharing access credentials is one of the major problems that OMS giants are currently facing. Hypersign eliminates login credentials from the ecosystem, solving this problem from the root.


The Hypersign Protocol can be configured to provide a ONE-STEP registration and Login  for users to access dAPPS quickly and securely, the protocol can further be used to sign transactions as well.

IoT Devices
& Hardware

IoT [Internet of Things] is fast becoming a reality with security often overlooked. Hypersign’s secure authenticaion protocol can be deployed to encrypt communication between devices, users and the cloud.

Cloud &
Data Storage

The Hypersign protocol is built on Public Key Cryptography principals, it can be used to secure data on the cloud and the data can only be accessed by the owners of that data.

The Developer Experience

 By Developers. For Developers.

We are creators, just like you, we understand your challenges and that is why we created Hypersign in a manner that can be deployed rapidly with simple to read documentation and uber friendly support.

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Whether you are an enterprise looking to increase security along with improving user expereince or if you are a blockchain looking to increase adoption, drop us a line and see how Hypersign can work for you.

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